Head To Toe2

A wonderful stretch from head to toe ahhhhh yes please!

Sometimes you just feel that big need to ahhhhhh stretch!
And although it’s not the done thing for me as your yoga teacher to use the word ‘stretch’ (I should probably be using the correct yoga terminology of ‘a release’)…  I know that sometimes your body does just need a huge internal yawn to find some space inside.

I’ve found that when you give this treat to the body, it has a wonderful knock-on effect with the mind too. It gives the mind some space, almost like a decluttering of the cessations and busyness as we stretch and melt any tensions away.

And so, I’ve made a recording which is a super stretchy Hatha practice. You can go directly to it in the link below. Enjoy, with love, Adele x

A super stretchy Hatha practice

Enjoy melting tension away from head to toe. Follow the link to the shop. With love, Adele x

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