About Adele

A little about me…

I’m originally from the lovely Yorkshire town of Halifax, and yet my sense of adventure and child-like curiosity has taken me far and wide on travels and experiences which have in turn brought me to the path of Yoga.

In day to day life, I’m a busy mum of 2 gorgeous boys (who keep me on my toes), married to my best friend and I’m a family girl through and through.

A little about my teaching…

I’ve been teaching Yoga for over 10 years, and trust me I’ll be teaching into my old age. For me teaching is an honour and a joy.

Everyone has their own unique reasons for finding yoga. It tends to come to you in life when it’s most needed. As we practice together, my teachings may bring you some joy, some physical benefit, some mental clarity, some self-care… whatever it brings, it’s an honour and privilege for me to be able to create the safe space for this to happen.

At the heart of our teacher-student relationship is trust. It’s this trust that allows progression in your practice. I thank you for that trust.

A little about my teaching…

In the background, I too am a student of Yoga. My learning journey is one of quality and authenticity at its foundation.

In 2011 I qualified with 200hrs from the Yoga Alliance – this was a springboard for many more qualifications since. I’ve been personally trained by globally-renowned Paul Dallaghan at his specialist academy at Samahita, Thailand. Paul was one of the very few to be personally trained by Sri Pattabhi Jois (one of the masters of Yoga). The quality of my training has formed the foundation of how I teach my students today. With a little delly sparkle added of course! I currently teach Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing. 

A little about my style…

The relationship between student and teacher is such a precious one and can be hard to come by. My style of teaching ensures that when you practice with me you feel warm, welcomed, and comfortable enough to be completely yourself.

There’s no pretence, no expectations, no shoulds – you are welcome just as you are. You’ll find I’m a real, down to earth Yorkshire gal.
I’m not what you see in the media when Yoga is (falsely) portrayed as a stick-thin girl with her legs wrapped around her head! With me you’ll get a realness, with all my perfect imperfections, curves and wobbly bits!

My role as your teacher is to celebrate the realness of you and create a safe space in which you can develop your own unique practice. 

About Yoga


All sessions with me are meditative in their style. 

What does this mean you may ask? Well, you may have experienced a yoga class which is very ‘instructional’ with a show and tell approach and lots of demonstrations. My teachings are quite different from this and aim to take you on a journey within.

Through breath practices (pranayama) and movements with awareness, your practice naturally becomes meditative. I find this style brings a huge amount of insight, which in turn becomes useful and can be utilised to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. It’s also deeply nourishing, to enjoy a full yoga practice without distraction.


This traditional style of Yoga brings balance in the body, mind and emotions. You’ll find on my live schedule and within the library that Hatha is the basis of most of the practices and spreads across many focus areas.

Your reason for coming to Yoga will be unique to you, and so the practice will wrap around your needs whether that’s physical, mental or emotional. Each Hatha practice is ‘holistic’ which means that your whole body will receive new energy, as will your mind, emotions and breath. You can expect to gain balance within (like pressing the internal reset button) through a combination of breathwork (pranayama), poses (asana) and a relaxation to close.

The Hatha path allows me as a teacher to offer many modifications to the traditional poses, which in turn makes this class suitable for complete beginners through to advanced students.


Yin is a deeply restorative Yoga practice which centres on letting go of tightness, tensions and stuck emotions within the body. Yin is predominantly floor based, involving long deep holds to access deeper layers (ligaments, tendons and surrounding fascia) within your body.

The benefit of long deep holds is that we can start to access a deeper range of movement. Our ligaments and tendons generally don’t get much action and can be tricky to influence and so Yin prevents tightness and improving movement.

Expect a wonderful Yin afterglow, which in turn promotes a deep sense of wellbeing. Oh and did I mention we always end with a deep relaxation ahhhhhh.

Yin is suitable for all abilities. Bring along props from your home – a cushion or pillow, a blanket, to aid the letting go within the poses.

Hypno Yoga for Birth

Enjoy Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing practices, tools and techniques to support you through your pregnancy through to birth. Through poses (asana), breathing techniques and visualisations you’ll learn how to soothe your changing body and prepare for your birth. You can enjoy these sessions from 14wks right up to giving birth. 

As a mum of 2 boys I’ve used these techniques with my own pregnancies and births – with wonderful results! After training and qualifying in this area, I’ve been teaching Pregnancy Yoga to mums-to-be for 10 years and it’s an honour to be a part of your pregnancy and birth journey.

On a practical level Pregnancy Yoga soothes your body (eases pelvic pain or a niggling back) settles your mind (worries or fear about your changing body or birth itself) and teaches incredibly useful breathing techniques. All of this can be enjoyed through my Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing classes within the library. 

Yoga for a Purpose

You may have noticed that within the site, I’ve broken down the practices further.

Follow these if you’d like a short-cut route into the type of practices that you’re looking for.

Yoga for Wellbeing

Holistic practices that bring balance and harmony to mind and body together. Hatha and Yin are particularly good for managing stress and anxiety.

Yoga for Activity

Yoga is a complimentary practice alongside your activity or sport. Enjoy mental and physical benefits to boost your overall performance.

Yoga for your Body

Looking to improve a particular area of your body? Soothe an aching back? Ease tight hips? Use the shortcut to find body centric practices.

Yoga for Set Times

Shortcut to this section for mini practices morning, noon or night. Mini practices can wrap around your lifestyle, following your rhythms.

About You

Bring me balance

Are you looking for balance and to activate your internal reset button? Maybe you’re a career-focused, hands-on mum or dad multi-tasking and juggling everything 24/7? Trying to be all things to all people?

It’s draining isn’t it? And trust me, you’re not alone – this way of living has somehow become a ‘norm’ for most and balance is way out.

If this is you, you’re probably not getting enough self-care and self-love. You look after everyone else and your self care is de-prioritised. You can’t pour from an empty cup they say, such truth in this phrase! The result is that you feel flat, zapped of energy and run ragged! 

Yoga can be just the tonic to bring balance back, top up your cup and bring back your Zing!

Hear from student Jo on exactly this:

Keep me grounded

With stress and anxiety being experienced across the board nowadays, maybe you’re looking for a practice to help keep you grounded? The global pandemic has sent stress levels through the roof, and so finding ways to stay grounded has become a necessity.

Stress comes in all shapes, sizes and guises. It can creep up on you gradually or land on your doorstep with an almighty bang! It can be a constant challenge that you manage each and every day,  or a fluctuating state arising from time to time. Yoga can be an natural and holistic way to manage stress and keep you grounded

Use the practices as a way to prevent stressful flare-ups and to keep you grounded all year round.

Hear from student Vicki on exactly this:

Give me a sporting edge

If you’re looking for an edge within your sport or hobby then Yoga is a gem of a find. If your search has landed you here on this page, you’ll likely be aware already of how Yoga is proven to enhance sports performance – it’s well documented online.

A yoga practice can become incredibly powerful sitting alongside your current training plan, as it brings a plethora of benefits on both the mental and physical platforms.

So whether you’re looking at Yoga to give you more mental focus, improve your breathing, increase your flexibility or strength, or to prevent injury – whatever your angle, yoga can be the hidden gem to give you that sporting ‘edge’. 

To hear from students Claire & Gareth on exactly this:

Wellbeing my way

Do you ever think ‘I’ve had enough of the gym’? I hear ya! Does your mind and body ever crave a practice, an approach, even a path, that brings wellbeing just where, when and how you need it? Are you sensing your body changing over the years, nudging you towards finding wellbeing ‘your way’?

These are just some of the conversations I have with my students on a regular basis, and it always points toward the path of Yoga which can meet you where you’re at. 

Though the practices are not done at high speed, leaving you sweating and panting for breath (hurrah to that I hear you say!), they are unexpectedly powerful. 

For many Yoga has become a go-to practice where you can be just as you are without any need for change, and the wellbeing benefits come to you.

To hear from student Carrie on exactly this:

Relax me deeply

I don’t know about you but getting some me-time and a safe space where I can truly let go and relax, can be a challenge. Maybe you put relaxation off time and time again, until something bubbles up, even explodes and kaboom – you realise you haven’t been looking after yourself and giving yourself time to relax.

The practice of Yoga allows a deeply relaxed state to arise. Through breathing techniques and the moving of your body in a particular way, you create a ‘shift’ of energy which evokes a state of relaxation.

When it comes to the relaxation at the end of the practice, it’s a deeply nourishing experience. A bit like when you go out for a great hilly hike, going through ups, downs, twists, turns and everything in between – when you get home and soak into that hot bubble bath, it feels great doesn’t it? Well, Yoga relaxation is a little the same, you let go after awakening and soothing your body, and drop into an ahhhhh state for mind and body together.

To hear from student Angelina on exactly this:

As I become a Mum

Whether you’ve had a baby before or you’re a first time mum-to-be, Yoga becomes a very precious practice on this journey. It’s precious as it allows you to adapt and go with the flow, alongside all the many changes within.

All pregnancies and births are unique, no two are the same. There’ll be change in your body as baby grows and develops – which may results in some aches and pains. There’ll be changes in your mind as you prepare for this new chapter ahead. Changes in emotions which fluctuate and can even seem irrational at times (thank your hormones). Changes are plentiful through pregnancy and yoga can be your consistent go-to practice throughout.

A pregnancy Yoga practice will meet you where you’re at, bringing balance within body and mind together. It’s like pressing that ‘internal reset’ button as you keep coming home to you. It’s a time where you can bond with you baby and really enjoy and celebrate your pregnancy as we move through safe, breathing techniques and movements.

The aim of your Pregnancy Yoga practices are to help you enjoy your pregnancy and the birth itself.

Hear from student Liz on exactly this: