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As I became a Mum by Liz

Prior to finding hypnobirthing I was terrified of labour and thought the only way I’d have children was with an elective caesarean. However upon signing up to hypnobirthing classes I learnt about the process of labour and how births need not be as medicalised as portrayed in the media and on the television. 

I went on to have three births, each using hypnobirthing techniques. Although they were each a unique experience, I only had paracetamol with each delivery, and each was a truly beautiful experience. By using the breathing techniques I’d learnt during my hypnobirthing sessions I felt calm and in control of each labour. As a result my post partum recovery was also straight forward. Hypnobirthing didn’t only benefit me – it also gave my husband a role within the birthing process and meant each of my children arrived into the world in a calm, and positive way. I believe this helped with our bonding process which in turn helped with establishing a successful feeding partnership. 

I came to Adele for a refresher session prior to my third baby. Given a number of factors including the Covid pandemic I had become very anxious about this delivery. Adele & I had two virtual sessions in which she had me practicing self hypnosis and breathing techniques. We also discussed my previous experiences and current anxieties. Despite the fact we were not able to conduct the sessions face to face, Adele immediately put me at ease. I felt able to truly open up to her and I left each session with a renewed optimism about my impending labour. Between sessions and in the run up to my delivery Adele kept in touch to support me. She gave me a couple of new hypnobirthing tools that I hadn’t had for my first two deliveries, which meant my final labour involved the least intervention. I cannot recommend hypnobirthing enough – however delivery goes, the tools and techniques allow a positive mindset to deal with whatever is required for a safe delivery of baby. Adele played a crucial role in that teaching and support – I cannot recommend her enough. Liz

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