Beginning your journey into Yoga?

Namaste, and can I say that as I write this I am super excited, even a little giddy for you! Embarking on a journey into yoga is a game changer, just check out the testimonials within the site and you’ll read many stories to that effect.

It can be a little daunting. I think mainly due to the huge amount of media out there which portrays Yoga in an unrealistic way. Please try to let go of all the images out there of size 8 girls in bikini bottoms in a handstand on the beach! It’s not very helpful or even relevant. A yoga practice should always support you where you are right now, and through regular practice will bring physical, mental and emotional benefits. 

You’ll have your own unique reasons for looking into Yoga, and you’ll probably be looking for a teacher who’s the right fit for you. Keep trying out teachers as we’re all different and it really is about finding a teacher you can trust to guide you more deeply into your yoga journey. 

I know how it can be when you’re completely new to Yoga, as I was there once too, we all were. And so I’ve made a 20min video (no charge this ones a freebie) which is chatty and a little instructional in its style to cover the basics of Yoga breathing and Yoga movement. When you’ve completed the video you’ll be able to apply those principles to any of the live classes or recordings within the site. Video link below or you can find within the shop.

Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you may have on your practice and your circumstances:

With love, Adele x

Free 20min practice for beginners

Follow this link which will take you to the practice within the shop - enjoy. With love, Adele x

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