CFFC funding: Adeles 12 week weight loss course, learning to love your body the yoga way x

I’m super happy to be able to run a new project in Calderdale, thanks to funding from the Community Foundation for Calderdale. The government are supporting local initiatives to help people lose weight. It starts on 10th April and runs through to April 2022.

Now then ‘losing weight’ is not something I often promote, but ‘loving your body’ absolutely is. And there are links between the two. I’m a huge believer in looking after your chariot (your body) as it’s the physical bit that allows you a good quality of life. And so I did have an Aha! moment when I started to think about…

  • a weight loss course with a difference
  • a weight loss course which is not just about the numbers,
  • a weight loss course the yoga way!

Once I started to delve into this area which affects so many of us, I started to realise that there is a whole host of incredibly helpful yoga tools and techniques which unpick the deep-rooted ‘stuff’ that prevent us from looking after our bodies.

And so began a super-duper ‘love your body’ course which gets into the mental, emotional and psychological barriers that build up in life. A course which isn’t just about the numbers and instead tackles health and wellbeing in a natural, holistic and sustainable way.

For more information on the course contact me at

Much love, Adele x

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