Connect with your synergies to nature

Have you ever felt that magic of the wind in your hair?
Had a moment as the warm sun bathes your face?
Have you ever walked through a freshly rained upon woodland (ahhh sniff that wonderful earthy aroma!) and felt connected with nature?
Or maybe you’ve felt a sense of calm and tranquility as you’ve gazed upon an expanse of water? You can’t beat it can you – connecting with nature! It brings many of us back home. It gives us an internal reset when life is overwhelming, busy and demanding.

That instant nature fix, often called nature-therapy, comes from our external experiences of the elements. And yet but all 5 senses are also inside you too.
Below is a link to an elemental Hatha practice, where you’ll¬†journey into the elements inside.

With love Adele x

An elemental practice

Enjoy your synergies with nature in this 1hr Hatha practice.
With love, Adele x

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