Fire Element 800 400 Option

Stoke your inner fire and boost transformation

Enjoy a Hatha practice which connects with your fire element.
The place within you which motivates you to live from your true authentic self.
When we’re under-stoked we can be stagnant and lethargic, over-stoked and you may feel agitation, irritable, angry. The fire practices remind us to bring balance to the fire within.
We touch upon this through breathing, Mudra, asana and awareness.  

Within this 1hr practice expect to:
– Build and create heat (Agni) within your body through awareness
– Connect to the correlating chakra, Manipura, sunshine yellow near the navel centre
– Safely create a shift and change in the fire element within

This practice can be found in the shop library, see the link to go directly to it below.

Suitable for all abilities.
Take what you like, leave what you don’t.
Leave a review on the practice to let your yoga community know your experience.
With love, Adele x

Yoga to stoke your inner fire

Click on the link to take you direct to the 1hr practice

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