Sometimes you just need a balanced, holistic practice for mind, body and soul

If you’re looking for a well-balanced holistic practice, the recording I link to below, is a lovely one to follow. We focus on your self-care and give kindness, love and attention to the body, the mind and the soul. It’s as simple as that! Nothing more, nothing less. 

Take the bits that feel good and resonate, and leave the bits that don’t. Remember before you come to the mat and practice, that there’s no expectations, no shoulds – instead you let the practice meet you where you’re at. And given I offer many modifications throughout my teachings, you can feel your way in to what’s appropriate for you in that moment.

Check out the recording via the link below which takes you to the practice within the shop.
With love Adele x

Hatha for mind, body and soul

Get your self-care fix and holistic practice via the link below. Love Adele x

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