Letting Go Heaviness V2

Is it time to release those unhelpful layers and the heaviness?

Namaste my friend.
This practice is one which is (I find) necessary every now and then. Necessary because  self-care is essential and so often it’s sidelined until we feel weighed down by life.
The recording below gives you time, space and the yogic tools to release heaviness. But what is this heaviness I talk of…

Well now more than ever before (As we do live in such a fast paced demanding world nowadays), we tend to build up unhelpful layers as the days and weeks go on. We take on more and more, until we are in a little fog and this can leave us feeling overwhelmed and lethargic, often depleted.

To keep you in balance, this practice aims to unlock, release and let go of those unhelpful layers, and to bring you back home to you. The link to the practice is below, enjoy and let it go, let it all go, and come continually home to you.
Love Adele x

Ready to shed the layers?

Follow this link to take you to the recording. Love Adele x

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