Hatha to balance all 5 elements


A journey into and through all 5 elements within: earth, water, fire, air and space.



Namaste and welcome to this holistic Hatha practice inviting balance in all 5 elements within.
A practice which journeys through all 5 elements:
– Earth – Muladhara chakra – floor based, grounding poses which bring you home to you
– Water – Swadhistana chakra – flowing rhythmical movements to go with the flow within
– Fire – Manipura chakra – enhancing your inner transformation, building heat to stoke your inner fires
– Air – Anahata chakra – following your poses breath by breath, moment by moment, with a wide open heart
– Ether (Space) – Vishuddhi chakra – finding space within your body and mind, exploring the space around you
The practice is a journey through all the elements, culminating in Savasana to absorb and resonate with the fruits of the practice.
Enjoy, love Adele x

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