Free 20min practice for beginners


A practice for complete beginners, or for those who wish to go back to the basics.



Namaste and welcome to this free 20min Yoga practice
This video is for complete beginners or those who wish to return to the absolute basics of a practice.
It’s instructional and ‘chatty’ as it’s more about getting you comfortable and relaxed with how a general class is structured and flows.
In this 20min practice expect to:
– Gain an understanding and put into practice a basic breathing practice which you can apply to all classes and practices going forward
– Experience all the aspects of movement (asana) which create an holistic practice (forward bend, back bend, side bend, inversion, twist)
– Deepen your body awareness and be able to find your goldilocks pose (where it feels just right, not too deep, not too light – just right is where we want to be)
– Deepen your breath awareness, and when practice regularly your practices will become meditative through breath awareness

Enjoy and please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your unique circumstance.
I’m always happy to help with modifications and options, be it you need to do the practices from a chair, or even in bed! Yoga bends with you – it’s great like that.
With love, Adele x

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