Chair Yoga – it’s for all abilities


Chair Yoga – a Hatha based practiced with the use of a chair



Namaste and welcome this 1hr practice of Hatha, with the wonderful prop of a chair!
It’s not often I use a prop in a yoga practice, as I’m a big believer of simple is best, and also no props are needed for yoga – just your wonderful body, breath and awareness.
However, that being said, I am a big fan of yoga with a chair.
I love the chair for the same reason I love a Yin practice with blocks – it can help you go deeper into your practice.
How so?
Well, with a solid base / anchor / point of contact, many yoga poses can really come into their own.
When you’re holding politely in a pose, teetering on the edge of just being able to reach the floor for example – it takes away the ease and joy within the pose.
And so getting into a pose with ease, and then exploring the nature of the pose, exploring how your body can blossom within the pose – this is where you’ll find some yogic gems!

You can use any chair, but ideally a dining chair with a high back works best.
Take the bits that resonate and feel good, and leave the bits that don’t.

See you on the mat/chair,
Love Adele x

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