Hatha for connecting to your true authentic self


Hatha for connecting to your true authentic self



Namaste and welcome to this 1hr of Hatha which helps you connect with your true authentic self.
‘My true authentic self’ what on earth and who on earth is that!?’ you may be thinking.
It’s an interesting one, and it’s a huge area within yoga. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about sharing.
It connects in with those age-old questions in life like:

‘What my purpose in life’
‘What’s it all about – Alfie?’ – sorry couldn’t resist!

It’s hard work going through life without an understanding of yourself.
It’s hard work and it’s unfulfilling if you’re not nourishing what truly matters to you.
Aha, there I go again uncovering another nugget of hidden insight – do you know what truly matters to you?
If yes, wonderful there’s plenty you can do including this practice to connect with it nd live by it.
If no, then you can enjoy the journey and the time to un-learn unhelpful ways that hinder you from connecting inwardly.
You can begin to drop the heavy layers and start to listen to the wisdom of your heart, and move towards authentic living.

Wowser, big stuff huh! And yet I can’t offer these kind of practices out without appropriately teeing it up.
Because there is always a deeper meaning behind our asana practices.
There’s always an array of colourful routes towards the ultimate goal of balance within.

And so, please enjoy this holistic yoga practice which nourishes the whole body, the mind, the emotions.
Enjoy connecting in with the you underneath the layers of life.
Enjoy connecting and nourishing wonderful wonderful you.

Expect nothing and receive everything.See you on the mat.
Much love, Adele x

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