Hatha for back, neck and shoulders


Hatha yoga for back, neck and shoulders.



Namaste and welcome to this lovely back, neck and shoulders (B, N & S) practice.
We often get tense, tight and even experience pain in the B, N & S zone of the body.
It’s no surprise though is it, given that as a society we harbour and hold more stress, tension and anxiety than ever before (it finds it’s way into the body!)
We drive more (although maybe not so much with the lockdowns and change in work patterns – small bonus there), which again can create tightness in the upper body.
Many are hunched over computers day to day, long hours, with bad posture – it has a knock on effect within the body.
Even the way we sit nowadays affects the B, N & S! I’m a sucker for it myself – I love to lounge back into my sofa to chill and it feels so comfortable at the time.
But there is a consequence… poor posture, poor stabilisation in the core, poor lower back muscles and again, the knock on effect in the B, N & S.

But hey… it’s not all doom and gloom.
It’s modern daylife and we just need a few useful yoga practices to counter the tensions and building pain.
And so, you might use this practice as a preventative measure, or to manage some existing pain in the B, N & S region.
Once purchased and downloaded it’s yours to keep and practice whenever you’d like.
Have it there in the locker, and you’ll know when it’s needed.

Here’s to a happy B, N & S.
Much love, Adele x

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