Mini Yoga: Spine, Prana, Nidra


A trio of short mini yoga practices: 30min spinal practice with blocks, 14min pranic awakening; 16min yoga nidra



Namaste dear friend
In this trio of mini practices you can enjoy a set of shorter practices which may suit you more than a full 1hr practice.
They’re intended to be practiced individually, as each one has it’s own unique offering.
Once purchased they are yours to keep, practice as and when you’d like with them.

The trio of practices in this offering is:
– 30min Yin for the spine using blocks (you can use stacks of books if you don’t have yoga blocks)
NB the video states at the beginning that it’s a 20min video, however it did go a little over and is closer to 30mins
– 14min pranic awakening (shake off the heaviness)
– 16min Yoga Nidra Golden Glow

Much love, enjoy, Adele x

  • Estimated download time is 5mins per video
  • Once purchased the videos are yours to keep – enjoy
  • Access the videos through your confirmation email or within the adelesyoga website within ‘bookings’
  • Leave a review on the site so that others can share in your experience of the practice – be a part of the yoga community


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