Workshop: 90min HIPS rejuvenation


HIPS workshop: 90min hip rejuvenation



Welcome to this 90min Hips Workshop, it’s an absolute beaut for the hips!
We approach this session from a perspective of finding hip balance, and you’ll enjoy hip rejuvenation along the way.
Sounds good huh? 🙂
First and foremost the ‘Workshop’ format is different from your usual class, you’ll be getting more and here’s how…

How does a Workshop recording work?
It a 90min recording, within which you can of course do bit by bit, or all in one go – your call.
The workshop is much more interactive, educational, insightful – it’s taking you into a deep dive of a particular subject area, and in this case it’s your wonderful and yet very complicated Hips!
As a general flow, the workshop covers:
– Understanding of the kit, how the anatomy of the hips work, what you can and can’t influence
– testing your hips and understanding where YOUR imbalances are
– moving through the 4 major muscle groups that wrap around the hips (circa 25 muscles in total!) with yoga poses
– taking time between each muscle group to reflect, feel and notice
– by the end of the workshop you should have understanding of where your hip imbalances are and how to regularly keep them in check and in balance
– by the end of the session you’ll have an approach to balance flexibility, movement and stability within the hips

How’s it different from the other recordings in the shop?
It’s a longer session at 90mins, and it’s way more in-depth within one topic area, here it’s the hips.
It’s delivered in a way where you’ll have time to reflect, feel and notice and that will then be factored into your practuce
You’ll be investigating your own unique hips, rather than a class which is more general and broad brush

What’s in it for you?
Enjoy a deep dive into your hips, whereby you’ll gain insight and understanding on how to get and keep your hips in balance.
Enjoy a complete hips rejuvenation as we cover every aspect of the hips.

What to expect / how to prepare?
Expect a easy-to-understand approach to the anatomy and functionality of your hips.
We deep dive without the jargon, I offer the experience in a very grounding and nurturing manner.
Suitable for all abilities, wether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced student – the workshop aims to bring fresh thinking and feeling into how you balance and maintain balance in your hips.
Prepare by setting up your space, and have a couple of yoga blocks or books by your mat.
A cushion/rolled up towel can be helpful too.
Have a glass of water nearby, maybe light a candle or diffuse a grounding aroma.
Be comfortable and approach the session with an open mind and heart.

This is a great practice to shift your thinking and understanding of your hips – enjoy!
Please leave a comment / review on this page after you’ve followed the recording – it’ll help others in our yoga community.
Much love Adele x

  • Estimated download time is 5mins
  • Once purchased the video is yours to keep – enjoy
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