Yin for bedtime ahhhhhhh


A Yin practice for preparing for bedtime and aid a good nights sleep.



I do love a good Yin practice, and this one is geared up to help you get a good nights kip! Who doesn’t need one of those.
You can practice this on the mat or even whilst in your jim-jams in bed – why not, who’s looking!? 🙂
It might be nice to cherry-pick 3 or 4 poses from the hours practice that can form your own unique little bedtime ritual/practice – just see.

Remember that the style of Yin is passive, grounding and involves long deep holds.
– Prepare your mind and body for rest through the Yin asanas
– Let emotions rise and fall, with the breath, as we bring about balance which is ideal for getting to sleep
– Let go of the days stresses, strains and feelings of heaviness, tightness and inner holding
– Let yourself be held in the safe warm arms of Yin

The practice benefits from having props and for our bedtime practice what better than our pillows! 
And so set up your space and let me guide you into your bedtime practice.
Much love, sweetest of dreams, Adele x

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