Yin Yoga for a wide open heart


A Yin practice to let go of heaviness, unhelpful layers and to open the heart space.



Namaste and welcome to this Yin practice on opening the heart space.
Yin is passive, it’s floor based, and it involves long deep holds.
– Connect with the whole body, mind and emotions in this nourishing heart practice
– Connect to the correlating chakra, Anahata, bringing balance to two-way love
– Let emotions rise and fall, with the breath, as we let Mother Earth hold you safely in the poses
– Let go of heaviness and the unhelpful layers which have been building up
The practice benefits from having props from around the house. So if you have yoga blocks (not essential), pillows, cushions and a blanket – these kind of items help you to let go into the poses.
It’s time to set up your space and let me guide you into your heart-opening practice.
Much love, enjoy, Adele x

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