Yin to soothe stress and anxiety


A Yin practice for soothing, managing and reducing stress and anxiety.



Namaste and welcome to this 1hr Yin practice which aims to soothe arising stress and anxiety.
Stress and anxiety is a huge area in todays society, affecting people in such an eclectic manner.
Sometimes it’s known, sometimes it’s hidden very deep, and it comes in all shapes, sizes, depths and forms.
Like each and every snowflake is unique, so too is how you experience stress and anxiety. And so finding a practice which can wrap around you as you are right now is important. Having an holistic practice such as Yoga, can meet you where you’re at and be a tool which helps you to mange, reduce or release the stress and anxiety rising up within you.

On a science level, there are numerous Yoga studies and research that show us how a regular Yoga practice can manage and reduce stress and anxiety. It’s also a great preventative practice, whereby a regular practice can encourage more balance within, and less likelihood of reacting to external factors which may create a flare-up.
Whatever kind of stress you’re experiencing, try this Yin yoga practice on, see how it feels, check out the after effects, just see?

Remember that the style of Yin is passive, grounding and involves long deep holds.
– Prepare your mind and body for rest through the Yin asanas
– Let emotions rise and fall, with the breath, as we bring about balance for mind and body together
– Access the ability to release feelings of heaviness, tightness and inner holding
– Let yourself be held in the safe warm arms of Yin

The practice benefits from having props such as a couple of cushions/pillow or yoga blocks if you have them (not essential), oh and a blanket for savasana of course 🙂
Much love, see you on the mat soon, Adele x

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