Yin to quieten the mind chatter


A Yin practice for calming and settling the mind chatter.



Namaste and welcome to this 1hr Yin practice which centres on quietening the busy nature of the mind.
First up, let’s just touch upon the word ‘meditation’ as it’s a highly loaded word and concept in my experience.
I like to use the word ‘mindful’ which is much more accessible and achievable, and brings a plethora of benefits for mind and body together.
What’s not to like huh!?
Mindfulness is what we are aiming for in the 1hr Yin practice…
– We are moving mindfully with our body into different Yin yoga poses.
– We are moving mindfully with our transitions between poses.
– We are mindfully observing what comes up in the mind chatter, and continually coming back to body, breath, energy and each moment as it arises.
You’ll find as you continue into the practice the mind quietens naturally, and becomes less distracted by outside influences and internal cessations.

Remember that the style of Yin is passive, grounding and involves long deep holds.
– Prepare your mind and body for rest through the Yin asanas
– Let emotions rise and fall, with the breath, as we bring about balance for mind and body together
– Access the ability to release feelings of heaviness, tightness and inner holding
– Let yourself be held in the safe warm arms of Yin

The practice benefits from having props such as a couple of cushions/pillow or yoga blocks if you have them (not essential), oh and a blanket for savasana of course 🙂
Much love, see you on the mat soon, Adele x

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