Video on how to navigate the site

Namaste and welcome to Adeles Yoga.
Within this site there are 4 main hubs for your to explore and enjoy:

  • Bookings – for when you’d like to make a booking for a live yoga session
  • Shop – where you can purchase recordings (new content added each week)
  • Info – a hub of info on classes coming up, recordings posted to the shop, testimonials, general info, community info… you get the picture its all your info
  • About – read about my approach and style of teaching, and the types of yoga I offer

At the top right of the screen is your account icon where you can access your recordings at anytime, all in one place, and see/check/amend your live bookings too.

Check out this video, which gives more detail and brings it to life…
With love, Adele x

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    11 Jul 2021

    Video froze part way through !


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