Fancy some Yin to let go of the heaviness?

Sometimes we just need a little Yin in our lives.
The body gets tight, the body holds, oh how it holds!
And Yin is a great way to let the holding relax and soften.
We let the unhelpful layers that have been building up begin to drop away.
Sometimes emotions need to rise up and melt away, the Yin can provide a safe place for this to happen. And so come on in and enjoy this heart opening Yin practice.
Link below to this practice within the shop.

Remember that Yin is a passive yoga practice and is predominantly floor based with  long deep holds. Therefore try to prepare and have some props from around the house – yoga blocks (not essential), pillows, cushions and a blanket – these kind of items help you to let go into the poses.

Set up your space and let me guide you into your heart-opening Yin practice.
Much love, Adele x

Yin for an open heart

A 1hr practice for letting the heaviness subside. Click through for the video in the shop. Love, Adele x

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