“For 12 months I have been joining Adele for Yoga practice weekly and I can’t express how important it has been to me. When I attended my first class I was totally new to Yoga. I had been looking to find a form of exercise that would also help me unwind, relieve stress and give me some time to myself. I had been struggling with tension headaches, migraines and left hip pain which I was having physio for after the complicated birth of my youngest child. I was in the middle of a big project at work; my husband had been made redundant and I have two young children. I really was in search of something… I didn’t know what, but was trying different things. 

When I entered the Zoom room with Adele on one of her live yoga sessions, I felt warmth, calmness and was welcomed by Adele and other members of the group. I felt an instant comfort and at the end of that first practice I knew that this was what I had been searching for. The timing of this first practice means a lot to me, it’s almost as if I was meant to find Yoga and Adele as I have now realised from the events of this year. I am a Nurse and have been fighting the pandemic along with other keyworkers since before lockdown one. I have lost two colleagues, one very close to me. I have had some health issues and I have had financial problems as a result of my husband’s redundancy. I think 2020 has been the worst year ever for many of us, it certainly has for me. 

I have been doing yoga regularly throughout all of this and have developed a lovely friendship with Adele that has no pressure, no expectation and is filled with nothing but love, care and support. Adele really does treat us all like family and she has been a bright light this year when I have needed it the most.

Yoga makes me feel so good. My body feels strong and flexible; my mind is given the space it needs to recover. It has opened an interest in breath practice and meditation which I am working on as I find it hard to switch off. It’s such a holistic approach giving my mind and body everything it needs to fight another day. I no longer suffer with pain in my left hip. My migraines are better controlled and if I start to feel tension and stress I focus on self-care and I do some yoga. Yoga really has become a tool to help me in stressful, overwhelming times. I often wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t walked into Adele’s Yoga practice a year ago and I am so happy and thankful I have had it in my life. Vicki