Halifax Yoga classes at St Judes Church & Dean Clough

About me

“I joined a practice with Adele whilst in Yorkshire for work and left wishing I came here more often. A beautiful practice, guided by a yoga teacher abundant in all the values of yoga. Warm, welcoming, clear, Adele held space for inner work, meditation and asana alike. Namaste and many thanks”.

Tim Devanney

About my teaching

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years and, trust me, I’ll be teaching into my old age. For me teaching is an honour and a joy. Everyone has their own unique reasons for finding yoga. It tends to come to you in life when it’s most needed. As we practice together, my teachings may bring you some joy, physical benefits or support your wellbeing. Whatever your reasons for joining me, it’s a privilege to be able to create a safe space for you to explore your own practice. 

The yoga I teach has quality and authenticity at its foundation. It is based on ancient principles, and I’ve trained with some of the best yoga teachers in the world. In 2011, I qualified with 200 hours from the Yoga Alliance – this was a springboard for many more qualifications since. I’ve been personally trained by the globally renowned Paul Dallaghan at his specialist academy at Samahita, Thailand. Paul was one of the very few to be personally trained by Sri Pattabhi Jois (one of the masters of yoga). More recently in 2024 I embarked on teacher training with nationally acclaimed Peter Blackaby ‘intelligent Yoga’.

The quality of yoga training that I continually prioritise personally, forms the foundation for how I teach my students each and every day. I have an holistic teaching style, there’s no unachievable poses or gimmicks – just real teaching that helps you find more balance within. I guess you might say that I blend tradition, science and quality insight into relatable yoga for every body.

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About my style

The relationship between student and teacher is such a precious one and can be hard to come by. My style of teaching ensures that when you practice with me you feel warm, welcomed, and comfortable enough to be completely yourself.

My practice is flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to come with what you’ve got, and we’ll work together to make it work for you. There’s no pretence, no expectations, no ‘shoulds’ – you’re welcome just as you are. As we go through life’s ups, downs and all the in-betweens, we’ll use yoga to go with the flow of what arises.

You’ll also find that I really am as real-as-they-come. I’m not that stick-thin girl with her legs wrapped around her head that you might have seen in the media. With me you’ll get a realness, with all my perfect imperfections, curves and wobbly bits – and I hope, in turn, you’ll feel welcomed to be your real self too.

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