Halifax Yoga classes at St Judes Church & Dean Clough
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This yoga community is a safe space for you to explore and enjoy building and maintaining a yoga practice. My point of difference (I’m told) is that I very much teach Halifax yoga classes for every body and everybody – for all shapes and sizes, for all abilities, for those with or without wobbly bits, for those who can and those who can’t touch their toes, for the over-thinkers as well as the can’t-get-motivated-ers… you get the idea I teach yoga and hold a safe space for every body.

What to expect / is it for you?

Here at Adeles Yoga you can experience a safe space to enjoy a yoga practice just as you are.

When you attend a class or follow a video, you’ll soon find that there are no shoulds; there are no expectations; it’s very much a time and space for you to  breathe and move intuitively.

Through the yoga practices you’ll learn how to process and release stress build-up, making space inside for clarity, calm and maybe even inspiration and creativity!

All yoga sessions with me, whether that’s in-person Halifax Yoga classes; videos; workshops, are rooted in the traditional, high quality practices of Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is suitable for everyone including complete beginners, and are delivered with care and kindness.

Take a look through these FAQ’s HERE to help put your mind at ease before trying a practice.


Why Adeles Yoga?

A safe space
Feel safe and welcomed into a yoga practice where you can be just as you are with no shoulds and no expectations
Emphasis on Mindfulness
Experience more than just physical yoga. Adele’s teachings centre around mindfulness and a moving meditation, which often helps busy minds settle into some kind of stillness.
Blended yoga styles
Through Adele’s extensive teacher training across Yoga styles and approaches, she now teaches a blended yoga practice that meets the of diversity of needs within the community, whilst keeping practices interesting and fresh.
Expertise and experience
Benefit from Adele’s expertise. Over a decade of experience in teaching yoga, guiding students through a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.
It’s for every body
Adele offers options throughout the teachings, so that each individual can personalise their practice. Adele calls this ‘finding your tingle-point / edge to the sensation’ which is key to the enjoyment of the practice.
Yoga in class or at home
Adele’s Yoga practices can fit with your lifestyle. You can enjoy teachings from the comfort of your home with an online video, or in-person at a Halifax Yoga class. This flexibility means you can maintain a regular yoga practice for yourself.

Take your Yoga to the next level


Yoga is a system for bringing balance into your body and mind. It involves the physical practice of moving your body into yoga poses ‘asanas’; breathing techniques called ‘pranayama’ and mastery of the mind/emotions ‘mindfulness’.

Yoga creates a flexible, toned and strong body. Yoga improves breathing, energy and metabolism. Yoga improves circulatory and cardiac health, as well as fitness levels, pain and posture. Yoga benefits your mental health, making you more grounded, balanced and emotionally calmer. It helps you relax so you can handle stress better.

Adeles Yoga classes, workshops and online videos are suitable for every body including complete beginners and are available all-year-round. For a FREE 20min video practice on the basics of yoga movement and breath click here.

Yes! This is one of my biggest myths to bust. You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. All you need is to be able to get to the yoga class, walk through the door and roll out that mat. Coming to yoga on a regular basis will 100% improve your flexibility.

Yes! There is no assumed level of fitness required for Adeles Yoga classes, videos or workshops. Hatha is not a fast-paced style of yoga; it’s slow, mindful and there’s umpteen opportunities to modify and adapt the shape, depth and dynamic until it feels just right for you.

Just bring yourself, your yoga mat (or large towel if you don’t have one); dressed in comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. An optional blanket for your relaxation and maybe bring a small bottle of water.

The short answer is: bring it on! I often say that I welcome all sounds and yes that includes flatulence, but also any other expulsion of air from any orifice in your body! The take-out here is that all sounds are absolutely normal and welcome, and show that the Yoga is doing wonders for your circulation and digestion.

A single class costs £8.50 and needs to be pre-booked via the online booking system at adelesyoga.com (hyperlink booking system). There are packages available for regular students, all on the booking system. Online Videos (hyperlink videos) are £5. For private tuition and workshops for the workplace or your community group please contact Adele at adele@adelesyoga.com

Yes. There is free parking at all the venues for in-person yoga.

Adeles Yoga is committed to creating a safe and welcoming yoga environment that includes, welcomes and supports all people – regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnic origin, body type, religion, sexuality and background.

If you still have questions, do get in touch through the contact page on the website or direct by email at adele@adelesyoga.com

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