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In simple terms, Yoga is a system for bringing balance into your body and mind. It involves the physical practice of moving your body into yoga poses called ‘asanas’ and exploring breathing practices called ‘pranayama’. Yoga can also include aspects of mindfulness; meditation, self-enquiry and the study of Yoga philosophy.

Adeles Yoga is Hatha-based which is one of the main traditional forms of yoga; and many other Yoga styles derive from it. Hatha Yoga is a slower pace which allows for a more mindful practice.  people looking for a physical challenge. Adele often blends the Hatha with other relaxing and de-stressing forms of Yoga include Yin Yoga and Restorative.

I’ll try to be succinct with a mini list of benefits, but this really is just touching the surface of what you can enjoy from a regular yoga practice. Yoga creates a flexible, toned and strong body. Yoga improves breathing, energy and metabolism. Yoga improves circulatory and cardiac health, as well as fitness levels, pain and posture. Yoga benefits your mental health, making you more grounded, balanced and emotionally calmer. It helps you relax so you can handle stress better.

You will feel some benefits immediately, such as the release of physical tension, the body opening and muscles strengthening – the “feel good” factor that keeps people hooked on yoga. Other benefits depend on how much you practice and every person is different. But most people will feel a positive change after a few weeks, if not before. One of the most commented benefits post yoga practice that students tell me about, is the hugely improved quality of sleep after a practice.

You can choose any of the in-person Hatha Yoga classes or online videos, as they’re suitable for every body including complete beginners. For a FREE 20min video practice on the basics of yoga movement and breath click here.

The in-person classes don’t run in blocks or as courses, and so you’re welcome to book onto any class that suits you given they run all-year-round. Adele offers lots of options and modifications in the teachings to ensure that you feel good throughout. For those who find it difficult to get down the ground/stand up there is a fortnightly Chair Yoga practice.

When you enter the room you’re invited to spend time settling in and nestling into a comfortable position whether that’s seated position or a savasana (laid down). Adele will welcome you into the practice and guide you into a breathing practice (pranayama) whilst setting the tone for the practice. You’ll then mindfully move into postures and poses (asanas) which may include a combination of seated, standing and lying. The class closes with a savasana and a guided relaxation to promote rest and good quality sleep. The same flow stated above is experienced in the Adeles Yoga online video offerings.

Yes! This is one of my biggest myths to continue trying to bust. You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga, all you need is to be able to get to the yoga class, walk through the door and roll out that mat. Every part of the yoga practice can be adapted and modified. You absolutely do not need to be able to touch your toes trust me! Saying that coming to yoga on a regular basis will 100% improve your flexibility, and so if this is an area you’d like to improve within your body, then come along and enjoy those benefits.

Yes! There is no assumed level of fitness required for yoga classes, videos or workshops. Hatha is not a fast-paced style of yoga; it’s slow, mindful and there’s umpteen opportunities to modify and adapt the shape, depth and dynamic until it feels just right for you.

Just bring yourself, your yoga mat (or large towel if you don’t have one); dressed in comfortable clothing (see below), an optional blanket for your relaxation and maybe bring a small bottle of water.

Anything goes as long as you are comfortable and can move freely. Some people wear loose-fitting joggers, some people wear leggings and T-shirt. Comfort is the only requirement. Some students have been known to rock up in loungewear/pyjamas/onesies, and honestly there is no dress code and so anything goes.

It’s a good idea to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class begins. This will give you time to set up your mat and get settled in before we begin. If you’re new to the class set ff a touch earlier to give yourself time to park up and find the room.

I understand that things can crop up. If you are a little late it’s fine to enter… come into the room as quietly as you can as the class will have begun. The door will always be open to you, so please don’t miss your practice.

  • A single class costs £8.50 and needs to be pre-booked via the online booking system at adelesyoga.com.
  • A 10 class Hatha Bundle costs £80 and will give you 10 yoga credits to be used within a 3 month period; available through the booking system.
  • Unlimited in-person classes and online videos for 1 month is £60 available on the booking system
  • Follow an online Yoga Video for £5 and get access to that video for 5 days which is great value. These are available via the booking system
  • Private 121 yoga tuition is £60 plus additional for travel if necessary, this is available upon request, please contact Adele at adele@adelesyoga.com to enquire
  • Group sessions / workshops / community events / workplace yoga is all available upon request. Please contact Adele to discuss your requirements and get a personalised quote.

Refund/Cancellation policy: please give at least 48hrs notice if you’d like to cancel or reschedule your booking by sending an email to this effect to adele@adelesyoga.com. If your cancellation request is not within that window, you’ll be unable to attain a refund. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes. Once you’ve set up an account with the booking system ‘GymCatch’ you can book for yourself and others. You can book single sessions, however if you buy the 10 Class Hatha Bundle, there is the ease of being able to book all your 10 credits within the calendar in one go. You also have the option to download the GymCatch app and manage your bookings with ease instead of accessing via the adelesyoga.com website each time.

Yes. There is free parking at all the venues for in-person yoga.

It’s good to bear in mind from the beginning of your yoga journey that our physical bodies and bone structures are all very different, therefore there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to Yoga. A perfect class will have everyone doing slightly different variations of the same pose! And so the answer to this question is that there isn’t just one ‘right’ way to do a pose, but many.

Yoga is very much centred around self-enquiry and listening to the insight that your body is always offering up to you. Developing this body awareness takes practice and so following this guidance from Adele in an in-person class will be hugely beneficial. Adele often asks you to find a ‘tingle point in the sensation’ or ‘an edge to the sensation’ – and there in that place is when you’re doing it right.

Another key basic pointer for your physical Yoga practice is that Yoga is not meant to hurt – that goes for whether you’re at practicing yoga at home on your own or in a class with Adele. Experiencing body sensation such as tingles, shimmer, glow, shifts – that’s all good energetic practice. But if at any point you feel any type of pain, such as sharpness or pinching, listen to your body and come slowly out of the pose. This also goes for signals of dizziness, if you feel this then slowly release from your pose and take a restorative position such as sitting/laying.

Feel free to speak to Adele before/after classes with any specific questions on poses/practices/alignment questions or anything else which will give you assurance on something that’s o your mind.

If you can maintain a regular practice then do – whether that’s once a week, or more regular such as 2 or 3 times a week. Your Yoga practice should bring you joy, and should never be a chore and it should wrap around your lifestyle of what feels good and what’s possible for you and your circumstances. If you can’t get to in-person classes, the online videos are a great option that you can do anytime from anywhere. If you can’t do a full class then try setting aside 10mins with a yoga nidra or a breathing practice.

Ideally leave a gap of not eating for a couple of hours before you practice.   If you’re coming straight from work and feel super hungry then a banana or a handful of nuts can be just the ticket.

The short answer is: bring it on! I often say that I welcome all sounds and yes that includes flatulence, but also any other expulsion of air from any orifice in your body! When you enjoy a Yoga class we work holistically, and every wonderful inch of your body will be touched upon and awakened in some way. Some of our poses involve twists, which are incredibly beneficial for digestion. It is therefore completely normal for sounds of all varieties to arise in your practice. In fact it’s a little triumph when it happens, and as a teach I enjoy a proud smile as I know that the yoga is doing good within your body. And so the take-out here is that all sounds are absolutely normal and welcome.

Yes. But ultimately you go with how you feel. Many women prefer to pause their yoga practice when they have their period while others keep going. Many teachers advise not to do inversions such as headstand, handstand, shoulderstand where the head is lower than the heart as they feel they interrupt the downward flow. In Adele’s classes we don’t practice these more complex poses and the inversions that we do can be modified to be very gentle. Strong yoga twists may also be uncomfortable for some women. It really depends on the individual so listen to what your body tells you.

Many people practice yoga as a way to manage their health conditions. Adele’s Hatha classes flow at a slow pace; poses are practiced mindfully and can be adapted and modified for injuries. You’re encouraged to not push, to only move into shapes and postures that feel good. It is your role as the student to tune into your body and to show kindness and care towards yourself. However, if you have a medical condition or injury and haven’t practiced yoga before, it’s recommended that you speak to an experienced yoga teacher (or physical therapist with knowledge of yoga) to get advice about any poses or movements you need to avoid. It’s also imperative that you let Adele know of any health conditions and/or injuries ahead of the class; in in many circumstances she may ask you to get agreement from your consultant/specialist before joining in with a class.

Adeles Yoga is committed to creating a safe and welcoming yoga environment that includes, welcomes and supports all people – regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnic origin, body type, religion, sexuality and background.

Yoga does not adhere to any particular religion, belief system, or community. Anyone who practices can enjoy its benefits, irrespective of one’s faith, ethnicity, or culture. Yoga offers a practical, structured, scientific framework to achieve and maintain harmony in mind and body. For most, Yoga is simply a way to stay healthy and grounded.

No. But what you’ll find with regular practice is that you develop your skill for mindfulness. Many would say that your Hatha class becomes a moving meditation in that you go inwards and explore what naturally arises throughout the guided experience. In becoming more mindful whilst moving your body through the poses, you more easily drop into a relaxed state in savasana at the end of the class. Many students become so deeply at ease that they fall asleep during savasana which is absolutely fine if sleep is needed.

No! Yoga is for all fellow humans. The misconception that yoga is for women only is another myth that I continue to try to bust as it’s completely untrue. Yoga is for every body and everybody. Adeles Yoga is committed to creating a safe and welcoming yoga environment that includes, welcomes and supports all people – regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnic origin, body type, religion, sexuality and background.

Yes, in fact it’s a wonderful time to be practicing yoga whilst pregnant. The yoga practices will help you navigate your changing body, fluctuating emotions, whilst easing some of the aches and pains that can be experienced throughout pregnancy. Adele is a highly qualified pregnancy yoga teacher and is also qualified in Hypnobirthing, and should you wish to discuss 121 tuition please get in touch. Otherwise, if you’re joining a Hatha class, please let Adele know ahead of the class that you’re pregnant and she will guide you on how to modify your practice. Generally speaking you’re able to practice yoga in class from 12weeks pregnant through to full term. General poses to avoid are poses to avoid are twists and strong core work.

You also need to be aware that during pregnancy and breast feeding the body produces a hormone called relaxin which will make you more flexible, especially in the hips and pelvis. Therefore you will need to work more on maintaining stability in the joints so that you don’t overstretch them.

Adeles Yoga communicates to students through the website; social media (facebook; Instagram; linked in), through a weekly newsletter and also a what’s app group. You can enjoy as much or as little of that communication as you would like. If there’s one of these communication vehicles that you’d like to connect with then please get in touch with Adele at adele@adelesyoga.com and your details can be added on.

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