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Real Yoga, Real Stories: Jackie's story

Real Yoga, Real Stories: Jackie’s story

In the last of this series of ‘Real Yoga, Real Stories’, I’m delighted to share the wonderful Jackie’s story.

Who is Jackie?

I was first connected with Jackie through her role with Calderdale Pride. Calderdale Pride is an annual event held in Calderdale to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Last year’s event was held at the Piece Hall in Halifax and saw a whopping 27,700 people attend! Jackie also has a ‘day job’ at the Job Centre so to say she’s a busy bee around August-time when Pride is taking place is most definitely an understatement!  

Jackie had never tried a yoga session before. Like so many of us, she had some misconceptions about what yoga was before she came to the class. Thankfully, Jackie approached the practice with an open mind, and I’m pleased to say she was pleasantly surprised by her experience.  

How did yoga help Jackie?

In her video, Jackie talks about those external pressures that we all feel – family, friends, a busy job etc. But during yoga, Jackie was able to quieten her mind and relax. Jackie says: “Doing my yoga session, all of that switched off and I wasn’t thinking about anything.  I felt like I was attending something that was just about me.” Jackie also had a great night’s sleep after the session which is a common (and much loved!) benefit of a yoga practice as we bring ourselves into a place of calm.

Another thing that really stood out to me with Jackie’s story was how she felt safe, accepted and able to be completely herself at yoga. Jackie says: “If you’re in the LGBTQIA+ community you want to feel safe where you are going, and I think that yoga is accessible for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether your young, old, gay, straight – you’ll fit in and be welcomed.” It is so important to me that everybody feels safe and welcomed into my classes. I’m delighted that this was Jackie’s experience of her session.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know how passionate I am about spreading the message that yoga really is for everybody – no matter their age, sexual orientation, ability etc. etc. The yoga I teach is for those with and without wobbly bits. For those who can and those who can’t touch their toes. For the over-thinkers and for the can’t-get-motivated-ers. You get it! There really is a little something for everyone and you’ll be welcomed wholeheartedly.

What’s next for Jackie?

It was fantastic to meet Jackie and hear more about the fantastic work her and the team are doing to bring a big, bold and truly joyful Pride celebration to the people of Calderdale. The 2024 event is returning to The Piece Hall on Saturday 17th August 2024. I can’t wait to hear more about the line-up and plans for the day as and when they’re announced.

I also can’t quite believe that this is the final video in this series of ‘Real Yoga, Real Stories’. This case study campaign started as part of a wider campaign called ‘Keeping it Real’ which was all about busting myths associated with the practice of yoga. It’s been a real honour to meet such fab people, introduce them to yoga and hear more about their experiences. A huge thank you to Jackie and my other five participants for making ‘Real Yoga, Real Stories’ so special.

If you’re feeling inspired by any of the stories in this campaign, you can book a class with me, try my online video library or get in touch to find out more.

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