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Hatha to balance your heart space

Hatha to balance your heart space
The heart space and the heart chakra is attributed to two-way love: – Love coming in (you might call this self care, self love, it’s  self-compassion and kindness coming in) and… – Love going out (this is unconditional love, loving without wanting, needing or expecting anything in return) I’ve recorded a practice which aims to bring balance within the whole body with particular attention to the heart space and these aspects connected with the two-way love. in the session you can expect heart opening poses, where we let go of those constricting layers which weigh us down. Complete your practice feeling lighter. Check out the link below to take you direct to the recording within the shop. With love, Adele x

Hatha for a balanced heart

Folow this link for the practice. With love, Adele x Click Here
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