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Join me for a Winter Solstice practice on 22nd December (ZOOM)

Happy Winter Solstice – ooh it’s getting closer and you can feel it can’t you?
The chill in the air, the starkness of winter beginning to wrap its arms around nature. We begin to naturally hibernate a little more on these dark days and nights, and we look where we can for igniting and maintaining that inner light to keep us glowing.

The deep dive Winter Solstice practice help us navigate through this shift and transition.
We enjoy 1.5hrs to explore, understand and go with our own unique shifts.
The session anchors on clarity, and we use yoga practices (asana, mindfulness meditation, journalling and other techniques) to create and deepen our resonance to that clarity. 

Moving into 2022
This practice fits naturally with our move towards a fresh new year. Around us many will be setting their New Years resolutions, but in yoga we do it very differently. I’ll be guiding you through that process. also in our deep dive we’ll be celebrating and honouring of our transition from darkness into light. From 22nd Dec onwards we will begin to see more light within and without, and all around. Let’s bring that within us too.

Who’s this session for?
This practice is suitable for all abilities, no experience needed.
The session will be on ZOOM to ensure that all who want to join in can do.
I’ll record the practice for those who would prefer to follow the recording, and it’ll be available to you for up to 2 days after the live session.

Practicalities and preparations:
– Be comfy in clothing, in temperature, in all ways
– Bring along some items: a tea light candle (tea lights work best rather than other sorts of candle, as you want to be able to easily see the flame and wick from eye level), a journal and pen, your blanket, a cushion
– Eat a light tea to avoid any tummy discomfort whilst in asana
– Lessen your distractions – let others in your household know that you’re practicing, declutter your space as best as you can, and make this your ‘you-time’

The practice takes place on Wednesday 22nd December and replaces the usual weekly Zoom. The timings are 8-9.30pm and you can book this via the booking system HERE.

I look forward to celebrating the solstice with you, Adele x

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