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Real Yoga, Real Stories: Rachel's story

Real Yoga, Real Stories: Rachel’s story

In this blog post, Rachel shares her yoga story, including how she plans to take her practice forward in her busy life.

Who is Rachel?

Rachel Oates Is the leading lady in all things marketing and events at the Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC).

CFFC is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to supporting charities, voluntary groups and businesses across the borough. Rachel’s role puts her at the very heart of our community. She is always matchmaking people and business ideas and is such a driving force for results and positive change. Today just so happens to be International Women’s Day and it felt really right to share Rachel’s story with you on this special day as I know she inspires so many out there.

Rachel and I were first connected when CFFC kindly provided funding for my Love Your Body course that ran in 2022/23. The course used the practice and principles of yoga to help people to build their confidence and form healthy habits. Rachel said that reading the feedback from participants on the course inspired her to try a yoga session with me.  

How did yoga help Rachel?

Rachel, like so many of us, is always on the go. Living in such a fast-paced world, we often forget to slow down, to check in with ourselves and to take time to prioritise our health and wellbeing. It’s been absolutely wonderful to see Rachel step outside of that go-go-go cycle and find time for quiet and relaxation through yoga. 

Speaking about yoga, Rachel said: “When I first started doing yoga it felt a little bit indulgent but now I’ve come to rely on it as it’s just that hour for me. It’s a time when I can completely switch off.” Rachel also talks about the pressures of the 24/7 digital world where, even if we do make time for ourselves, there’s still that temptation to check in on emails or browse social media. I’m so pleased that Rachel found that yoga “gave her permission” to truly free her mind of all those external pressures.

I also really love that Rachel touches on yoga as an energy booster. As much as yoga can bring us into a place of calm, it can also replenish our energy levels and put that fire in our belly. If you’re struggling with motivation or lethargy, I have a great one-minute practice on my YouTube channel to activate your energy.

What’s next for Rachel?

I think it’s safe to say that Rachel is a yoga convert and I’ll be seeing her at my classes in the future which is such a fantastic result for the ‘Real Yoga, Real Stories’ campaign!

Rachel really is an inspiring woman in business – but I’m hoping you’ll be equally as inspired by her yoga journey and newfound commitment to self-care. When we’re busy, taking time for ourselves can feel like an indulgence but it’s so necessary for keeping us in balance.

I’m really excited to share Rachel’s story with you as I’m sure it will resonate with so many of us out there who struggle to prioritise ourselves in and amongst busy lives.

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