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Time for some self-care? Try this holistic 1hr practice

Time for some self-care? Try this holistic 1hr practice
I’ve recorded this self-care practice, as I know all too well how we can be doing for others and giving our energy out in every direction, without looking after precious precious YOU. It’s actually scarily commonplace, that we de-prioritise our own self-care despite knowing deep down that it’s incredibly difficult to live life fully and joyfully running on empty – right? And so, it’s been my mission for many years now, to promote self-care each and every day, to every one – we all need it. It’s a necessity. It’s essential. And it’s 100% nothing to do with being selfish. So let’s let go of the guilt and put self-care on the pedestal where it belongs. All in favour say ‘Om’ 🙂 … seriously keep looking after you, as you really are precious. Below is a link to the recording, it’s an holistic practice for mind, body and soul. Set up your sacred space, lessen your distractions and enjoy. Much love, Adele x

Self-Care practice

Follow this link to your holistic practice boosting your self-care. With love, Adele x Click Here
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