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Are you needing a grounding and yet uplifting practice? Let's Root and Rise…

Are you needing a grounding and yet uplifting practice? Let’s Root and Rise…
I’m a big fan of the tree practices, are you? For me, a yoga practice needs groundedness before anything else. We need that sense of safety, connection and stability before we move upwards.  I’ve recorded this root and rise (like the tree) practice as it does exactly that. We ground ourselves to then be able to rise and get the uplifting aspects of the practice. One comes from the other.  Whilst in this practice you may like to contemplate the tree from time to time… – The tree’s effortless root and rise qualities – The tree’s wonderful ability to bend not break – The tree draws upon its stability and foundations to be able to rise up to the sunshine. – The tree doesn’t make a big deal of letting go, but when it’s needed and necessary it releases its leaves with such ease. And so… let’s root and rise, let’s find our inner tree, let’s roll out the mat and practice these sentiments together. The link below will take you straight to the recording. See you on the mat soon, Love Adele x

Hatha to Root and Rise (like the tree)

Click below for the practice. Much love, Adele x Click Here
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