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Chair Yoga is where it's at…

Chair Yoga is where it’s at…
How about trying your Hatha practice with the wonderful prop of a chair!? It’s not often I use a prop in a yoga practice, as I’m a big believer of simple is best, and also no props are needed for yoga – just your wonderful body, breath and awareness. However, that being said, I am a big fan of yoga with a chair. I love the chair for the same reason that I love a Yin practice with blocks – it can help you go deeper into your practice. We all want that don’t we – developing our practice? So why does a chair help? With a solid base / anchor / point of contact, many yoga poses can really come into their own. When you’re holding politely in a pose, teetering on the edge of just being able to reach the floor for example – it takes away the ease and joy out of the pose. And so getting into a pose with ease, and then exploring the nature of the pose, exploring how your body can blossom within the pose – this is where you’ll find some yogic gems! the chair provides this solid base from which you can blossom from. Try it and see. You can use any chair, but ideally a dining chair with a high back works best. Take the bits that resonate and feel good, and leave the bits that don’t. A link to the recording is below. See you on the mat/chair, Love Adele x

Chair yoga practice

Follow this link to take you to the recording. Purchase once, then it’s yours to keep. Much love, Adele x Click Here
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