Halifax Yoga classes at St Judes Church & Dean Clough

Let's bring the tranquility inside

Let’s bring the tranquility inside
Sometimes, in fact no often, I find myself looking outward, externally for solutions to bring me peace, calm and tranquility. This outward search can give us lovely little glimpses, but rarely long lasting  inner tranquility. Do you find this too? One of the goals of yoga (it’s a biggie) is to still and calm the busy nature of the mind as it’s always chattering away isn’t it? And so we have tools and techniques which encourage us to go inward, and in doing so we can little by little influence the state of the mind from being in great fluctuation, to a calmer and more tranquil state. This of course takes practice, but wow is this worth practicing if it brings more and more of those precious tranquil glimpses that feel oh so good. Below is a direct link to the practice within the shop, expect around 5mins download time, and then it’s yours for as long as you like.  Much love, enjoy, Adele x

Bring the tranquility inwards

With this 1hr practice for mind, body and soul. Click the link to take you to this session. Love, Adele x Click Here
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