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A practice to soothe tension in the back, neck and shoulder zone

A practice to soothe tension in the back, neck and shoulder zone
Namaste and welcome to this post on a video I’ve posted which aims to soothe away the tensions of the back, neck and shoulder (B, N & S) zone. It’s an interesting area for sure, and problematic for so many!  It’s no surprise it’s a yoga hot-spot, given that as a society we harbour and hold more stress, tension and anxiety than ever before (it finds it’s way into the body!) Some other contributors… – We drive more (although maybe not so much with the lockdowns and change in work patterns – small bonus there), which again can create tightness in the upper body. – Many are hunched over computers day to day, long hours, with bad posture – it has a knock on effect within the body. – Even the way we sit nowadays affects the B, N & S! I’m a sucker for it myself – I love to lounge back into my sofa to chill and it feels so comfortable at the time. But there is a consequence… poor posture, poor stabilisation in the core, poor lower back muscles and again, the knock on effect in the B, N & S. But hey… it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s modern daylife and you may just need a few useful yoga practices to counter the tensions and building pain. And so, feel free to use this practice as a preventative measure, or to manage some existing pain in the B, N & S region. Once purchased and downloaded it’s yours to keep and practice whenever you’d like. Have it there in the locker, and you’ll know when it’s needed. Here’s to a happy B, N & S. Much love, Adele x

Hatha for B, N & S

ere’s a direct link to the Back, Neck and Shoulders practice within the shop. Enjoy, love Adele x Click Here
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