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Is it time to give your hips some much deserved TLC?

Is it time to give your hips some much deserved TLC?
Namaste dear friend, and welcome to you and your lovely hips! I’ve for you here a well balanced hip practice that focuses on: – Hip opening poses The practices is predominantly based on opening the hips, given tight hips is experienced by most of us! Getting those tight hips to open with love and kindness can bring great rewards, both physically and emotionally given it’s where emotional tensions can be stored. – Hip closing/strengthening/stabilising poses The practice does include some counter hip poses to ensure that the hips are stable and strong. It’s all about balance folks and too much opening in the hips can be de-stabilising. So expect some closed poses too. Below is a direct link to the practice within the shop, expect around 5mins download time, and then its’s yours for as long as you like.  Much love, enjoy, Adele x

Hatha for hips

Enjoy rejuveantion, nourishment and balance for your hips. Click the link and it’ll take you to the recording. Click Here
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