True Self

Autumn: season of the soul. Connect in with your true authentic self

Namaste my friend, I wish you health, peace and love as we journey together into the season of the soul – Autumn. A time for listening inwardly to what’s no longer serving you and needs to let go. A time to conjur up your dreams and seeds to be nurtured though our composting months ahead. A time to come home to you, to balance and ensure you’re giving your time and energy to what really matters to you.

This is what is behind the recording below, which is
‘Hatha for reconnecting to your true authentic self’.
We are in a perfect phase of the year, being in the season of the soul, to enjoy such practices.
If this resonates for you, follow the link below which takes you to more detail and the recording itself.

Expect nothing and receive everything.
See you on the mat.
Much love, Adele x

Hatha for connecting to your true authentic self

Follow this link to take you to the recording. Happy journey-ing. Love always, Adele x

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