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Feeling fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation? Yoga can counter it…

Feeling fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation? Yoga can counter it…
Namaste my friend. If you’re reading this post, maybe you’re sensing that this is how you feel right now? A feeling of sluggishness, and no get-up-and go for life? Now this is where you’re regular yoga practice comes in, and your understanding of your body, your mind, your emotions – all your wonderful layers. Because if you’re burnt out, what you need more than anything is REST. You may need more sleep, more fresh air, some time in nature. You connect in to what your heart says and honour what you need.  Now, if after having your self-care fixes, you still feel sluggish and fatigued, you may need some yoga practices which get your Prana moving. I think of it like I’m a car (I’ll go for a Ferrari how about you!? :))  and the yoga practices give you a jump start. What we don’t want is to ignore the car, leave it in the garage and it get’s unused and develops more problems from lack of attention. Wowser as I write this I’m realising my analogy is a perfect one haha! OK so you know where I’m coming from I hope. Self-care comes first and you tune into what self-care you need right now (this may well be a yoga practice for some of you) and once you build your self-care, check in with this recording to counter the fatigue and sluggishness. Giving it a good ol send off. The recorded practice below aims to counter fatigue and sluggishness. Take it at your own pace, do a little at a time or the full hour in one go. And remember once purchased it’s yours to keep. Love Adele x

Hatha for fatigue and sluggishness

Follow this link to take you to the recording within the shop. Enjoy! Love Adele x Click Here
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