Halifax Yoga classes at St Judes Church & Dean Clough

Lost your way a little? Reconnect with you

Lost your way a little? Reconnect with you
Namaste and welcome to this Hatha practice which invites you to connect with wonderful wonderful YOU. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed in life, we do so much for others and we forget about ourselves.  We stop listening or hearing the hearts whispers, the body’s wisdom – we go on autopilot through life without pausing and checking in. If this is where you’re at, then a connecting practice is incredibly grounding and beneficial for pressing that internal reset button. This is an holistic practice for mind, body, breath, energy and heart. We will be connecting back into you and finding balance and harmony in areas which may be out of kilter. Be kind to yourself, meet yourself where you’re at, and enjoy this ever-essential self care. Enjoy the opportunity to welcome in, inner connection. Link to the video is below. See you on the mat. Much love, Adele x

Hatha for inner connection

Follow the link for a grounding practice to reconnect to you. With love, Adele x Click Here
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