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Workshop for July: HIPS

Workshop for July: HIPS

You may find yourself asking – what’s the difference between a Yoga class and a Workshop?

Ahhh yes, tis a good question indeed, and one I’m happy to answer… With a yoga class, I tend to teach and invite you into a ‘journey’ within the self. This means that within a class, I’ll flow and transition with ease and little effort into poses, breathing techniques, transitions. This is my preferred style of teaching, as allows you as the student, to enjoy the right experience for yourself, rather than me imposing a ‘way of feeling and experiencing’ onto you. In essence a class gives you time and space to mindfully experience your internal journey of yoga. In my yoga workshops it’s different and intentionally so. The whole idea behind a workshop is to give more information, education, interaction, and it’s generally on a specific area or concept within yoga. I like to call these workshops a ‘deep dive’, as you’re diving deeper into your knowledge, experience and consequently building your inner wisdom and knowing of a particular aspect of yoga.

Workshops for July and September

The July workshop is on HIPS, HIPS, HIPS – and I have to admit it’s a wonderful one giving instant benefits and long lasting guidance on hip rejuvenation. You can expect a deep dive into YOUR hips, whether that’s through functionality, range of movement, identifying strong and weak areas, and practical tools and tips to bring your hips into balance. It’s 1.5hrs and you can join me live for the session on Sunday 25th July 10-11.30am, or you can follow the session as a recording which will pop up on the site around a week later. The price is £15, and is of course, delivered with love. There’s a break for August, but I’m back with an Autumn Equinox Workshop in September. All workshops are on the booking system. Feel free to drop me a message with any requests on workshops you’d like me to offer, I’m here to support you through your yoga journey. Your yoga – your way. Much love, Adele xx

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