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Need some Yin for releasing your tension?

Need some Yin for releasing your tension?
Namaste and welcome to this post about my Yin for tension recording within the shop. In a nutshell the recording focus is on the letting go of your tension. Tension is hugely varied and complicated… It can build knowingly and unknowingly. It can be held in different parts of bodies, we’re all unique in that we all hold it and deal with it differently. Where does it usually go to for you? When we leave tension in the body (you know that ignore it and carry on with life attitude that we all tend to do) then it builds and presents itself in differing ways. It can lead to a physical injury (and the ‘shoulda woulda coulda sentiment comes in drat!) Sometimes when it’s left it creates emotional or mental imbalances – our wonderful body/mind is always managing a juggling act isn’t it? Sometimes it makes us snappy, short tempered, or just out of sorts. You catch my drift, tension when left and unattended to, manifests in a plethora of ways. A regular yoga practice is one way of managing tension, and this recording in particular focuses on releasing tension that’s deep seated within. It’s Yin so it’s deep long holds – this is necessary to get into those deep aspects of tension that are squashed down. Prepare for your practice by bringing your yoga blocks (or books), blanket, cushions, and then feel your tensions begin to melt away. Direct link to the practice below. See you on the mat soon, Adele x

Yin for tension

A practice to help you release deep seated tensions. Enjoy, Adele x Click Here
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