Halifax Yoga classes at St Judes Church & Dean Clough

Is your body in need of a flexibility boost?

Is your body in need of a flexibility boost?
Namaste dear friend. I invite you into a practice which is intended to ease, soothe, access the whole of your wonderful body. A practice which like the humble tree, invites you to bend and not break. it’s a practice to boost and build your flexibility from the inside out. Do you ever feel like your body feel so stiff it’ll break? Maybe you feel stiffness, joint pains, creeks and cracks are creeping in? The body get’s tighter and draws inward when we don’t move it. And this yoga practice brings emphasis to remedying this, little by little. When you purchase the video it’s yours to keep. The added benefit of this, is that some practices really work well with repetition. Building and opening up your flexibility is one of those instances where repetition is key. With the repeated practices, your muscles begin to remember the lengthening, instead of snapping back into their old patters. And so purchase this video as a keeper and one that you revisit when you can. As you embrace the practice, take inspiration from the humble tree, that through all weathers  goes with the flow, bends to and fro, and yet does not break. The link to the practice within the shop is below. See you on the mat. Much love, Adele x

Hatha for flexibility

Follow this link to take you to the practice… Click Here
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