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The story behind the new website and the 10 year anniversary party

The story behind the new website and the 10 year anniversary party

Let’s celebrate 10 years of yoga-ing together

Wowee how time flies when you’re yoga-ing, 10 years in fact, 10 incredible years!

10 years ago I rocked up at Copley Cricket Club in Halifax, heart and arms wide open, ready to embark on my journey into yoga with you.

10 years ago I packed my car boot to the rafters with mats, blankets, eye pillows and more in the hope that I could bring a little love into our local community through yoga.

10 years ago I bravely stepped into the role as a yoga teacher, and I now know on reflection and with hindsight, that it’s one of the best moments of my life! It’s forever imprinted on my heart and mind. When you reflect back it’s been a colourful 10 years, we’ve experienced…

  • Umpteen class venues (you know how I’m a stickler for getting our space just right for you, details are important! 🙂)
  • 3 website overhauls and a bunch of booking systems
  • Retreat days, workshops, deep dives, indoor yoga, outdoor yoga and more – covering a wonderful array of yoga subjects and life experiences
  • You’ve seen my belly expand 10-fold through both my pregnancies – me teaching tree pose with a pregnancy wobble-on didn’t even phase you! Bravo to you!
  • Together we rode the storms of the pandemic through online Zoom Yoga! What an experience that was for the both of us! And how incredibly resilient we were throughout!

Our 10 year journey

Over the years it’s fair to say that I’ve absolutely loved forging the most amazing relationships with you. We’ve all experienced our ups, downs and everything in between, and the yoga has been there through it all. We’ve had tears of joy, sadness, relief and more. We’ve been held in a big warm yoga hug, when our words wouldn’t come and we just needed to process what was happening inside, and that happened on the mat.

The door has always been open to you, and will always be open to you, to welcome you just as you are.

Alongside our evolving yoga journey together, it’s also fair to say that my yoga offering has evolved too. I’ve been unfolding and blossoming into my true authentic self as a student and teacher (putting into practice what I teach to you guys). I’m also always listening and tuning into you and your experience of yoga. The result of our evolving yoga journeys is a new positioning:

‘Real yoga for the Real you’

This new positioning is 100% about understanding your needs, the community’s needs. It’s about breaking down barriers around yoga, it’s about keeping it real and accessible to everyone. Real yoga for the Real you is a yoga that welcomes you just as you are. I welcome you just as you are. This is at the heart of everything I now offer, hence the new look and feel on the website.

In a nutshell, the changes…

Throughout the website, and social media you’ll notice the look and feel has become less corporate and more natural and real. The look and feel is now reflective of what you experience in my classes / 121s / video recordings. The site is a true reflection of me and of you. You’ll notice the photography throughout is of you guys! (and yes a few of me) as I wanted our community to be at the heart of the site, just like you’re the heart of my offerings. I hope you love it, enjoy it, and explore it as there’s new bits in every section, including a bunch of new videos in the on demand section!

So how are we going to celebrate!?

As per the title of this blog, it’s celebration time! I’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary/yoga-versary in lots of ways on social media. I’ll be showcasing some of the amazing yoga journeys of you guys – real people in our community experiencing real life-changing, life-enhancing shifts through yoga.

Celebrations will culminate in a celebration night, a party with a difference, which I would absolutely love for you to be a part of and you are wholeheartedly invited to. The celebration night is a time for treats and laughter, for joy and togetherness, for reflections and gratitudes, it’s for all of us. And so please join me:

  • Date: Friday 11th November 7-9pm
  • Where: at the Centred Community Centre on Burnley Road
  • What’s happening: Come and enjoy a relaxed and joyful evening of Cacao, Cake and Conversation (ceremonial Cacao for a heart opening joyous experience); Tarot readings with the wonderful Tracey, a beautiful Sound Bath with James and Ola.
  • How many places are there: the room will comfortable accommodate 40 of us for the sound bath (it will be as per the image, snug as a bug in a rug comes to mind) A perfect way to toast our 10years!
  • The cost: the celebration night is a gift from me to you, however I’m asking for £5 offering to cover the cost of your Cacao only, and it helps me to get commitment to your place. Book on via the booking system.
  • Who can book a place: this event is open exclusively to my students, and so if you’ve practiced with me in previous years or you’re practicing with me now, then you’re very welcome to book on and enjoy this special night. The £5 ticket will cover everything above (Once the 40 tickets are sold, I will have to close the bookings so please book on early if you’d like to come and enjoy this special night)

And so I’ll now sign off with a big heart-felt THANK YOU from my heart to yours for 10 amazing years of yoga together. My intention is to be here for you for many years to come, guiding your yoga journey with Real yoga for the Real you. I’ll continue to create a safe, loving space for your practice to unfold, just as it needs to, just as you are.

With great respect and love, Adele xx

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