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Fancy a sunshine practice, to ignite your inner sunshine?

Fancy a sunshine practice, to ignite your inner sunshine?
Namaste friend, I don’t know about you but this surprise Autumn sunshine is making me a little giddy – the last few streams of sunshine loveliness before our darker autumn / Winter phase. And with this I’m drawn to sunshine practices on the mat too. With this in mind, I’ve posted a Sunshine yoga practice which can be enjoyed any time of the year when you want to honour the Sun and connect with the sun energy and attributes within you. It feels particularly resonant when there are some glimpses of sunshine outside too.  How you might resonate with the Sun… – Just like the sun, we build warmth inside, soothing our bones, our joints, our muscles, and the essence of our being ahhhh yes please! – Just like the sun’s heat and energy we too can enjoy inner transformation, little and big – with a little fire in the belly positive shifts can arise. – The Sun has a balancing effect on us too – when we’re in a lethargic state, or maybe your mood is a little low – the activity and uplifting nature of a sunshine practice lifts the Prana up and boosts your inner vitality. And so lets bathe in our sunshine in this 1hr practice together. The link to the recording within the shop is below. Love and sunshine, Adele x

Hatha – a Sunshine practice

Follow this link to take you to the recording. Sunshine love, Adele x Click Here
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