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Do you need a floor-based Yin practice to soothe away stress and anxiety?

Do you need a floor-based Yin practice to soothe away stress and anxiety?
Sometimes we get a little (or big) signal from the mind, the body, the senses (from somewhere and who knows where) – that we need to find balance within and the internal reset button is required, it’s necessary, it’s essential in fact. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload, with the demands upon you, with some emotional cessations. Maybe the many labels, roles and responsibilities you have has led you to take your eye off the ball with your own self-care. Whatever is causing your stresses and anxieties to be on the rise, please know that you are always welcome to this practice which aims to soothe you naturally, holistically, gently and with love. Stress and anxiety is a huge area in todays society, affecting people in such an eclectic manner. Sometimes it’s known, sometimes it’s hidden very deep, and it comes in all shapes, sizes, depths and forms. Like each and every snowflake is unique, so too is how you experience stress and anxiety. And so finding a practice which can wrap around you as you are right now is important. Check out the link below which takes you to such a practice. It’s Yin based, floor based and is tailored to soothing stress and anxiety. you are very welcome to it and it’s yours to keep once purchased. And so when those little (or big) signals appear again, you have this restorative practice ready and waiting to wrap its arms around you.  Much love, see you on the mat soon, Adele x

Yin to soothe

Follow this link to take you to this restorative Yin based practice. Let stresses and strains begin to melt. With love, Adele x Click Here
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