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Let's practice ‘Citta Vritti Nirodah' the calming of your busy mind…

Let’s practice ‘Citta Vritti Nirodah’ – the calming of your busy mind…
Namaste dear friend, I’ve recorded this practice as it links directly into Patanjali’s yoga sutra 1.2 “Citta Vritti Nirodah” which translates to “stilling the cessations of the mind”. This is said to be the purpose of yoga – to still the constant chatter of the mind (oh if only I hear you say :))  It’s near on impossible to get this ‘mind-calm’ given the way of life for us all in modern day living. Take for example… – the constant stream of media around us – mobile phones – social media – the fast pace of life, it’s a very here and now mentality I could go on but you get the picture, we’re inundated! And yet what is incredibly useful and still relevant about the above Sutra and the purpose of Yoga, is that just getting a quiet mind for a little time every now and then is just wonderful. In fact when you get it, oh what a treat it is! Even if it’s just  a glimpse, you can feel like you’ve had a mind/body/soul holiday in the Caribbean! Now if you’re very ‘body driven’ (and that’s most people so don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with it), then don’t worry – a Hatha Yoga practice of any variation will give your body a lovely holistic practice. The whole body gets that huge drink of nourishment from head to toe. However if you’re open to it, you can learn the tools and techniques to also build upon this incredibly useful practice of quietening your mind. it can sit alongside your body practice and begin to empower you to be more in control of the mind, rather than the mind controlling you. Expect nothing and receive everything. Link to the practice can be found below. See you on the mat. Much love, Adele x

Hatha to quieten the mind

Give your mind a much needed rest. This holistic practice nourishes the body, whilst giving extra focus and attention on lessening mind chatter. Follow the link to the shop for the practice. Love Adele x Click Here
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