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Yoga trio: spine, pranic awakening, nidra

Yoga trio: spine, pranic awakening, nidra
Ooooh it’s a lovely trio of yoga goodness right here. I’ve recorded a 30min Yin practice using blocks (you can use books if you don’t have blocks), and the idea underpinning the whole practice is ‘spinal awakening’. We safely unlock stuck tension and tightness in all the vertebrae, through the clever use of blocks/books. Trust me, it gives you some serious breathing space it’s just wonderful! There’s also a Pranic Awakening practice in this trio to shake off the heaviness that builds up in day to day life, it’s active, upward, uplifting and free flowing.  And I can’t offer you a trio without a Nidra to aid deep relaxation, ahhh bring it in. And so feel free to follow the link to the trio on the shop, and practice these as and when you need them. They’re made and delivered to you with love. In summary you’ll receive: – 30min Spinal practice with blocks/books (Yin) – 14min Hatha for pranic awakening (shake off the heaviness) – 16min Yoga Nidra Golden Glow Follow the link below to go direct to this trio in the shop. Much love, Adele x

Mini practices x 3

Get 3 downloadable videos for Spine, Prana and a Yoga Nidra. Click below to go straight to this product trio within the shop Click Here
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