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On a bit of a low ebb? Maybe that immune system is in need of a boost?

On a bit of a low ebb? Maybe that immune system is in need of a boost?
Sometimes we get that signal from the body, the mind, from somewhere within – that we’ve not been looking after ourselves. We can feel to be on a low ebb. We may feel like we’re on the verge of coming down with something, maybe a cough, a cold, or just that feeling of being washed out and not on form. Sound familiar? This happens ever such a lot, and it’s partly due to the pace we live life at – we’re fast aren’t we!? Stress can easily creep in, and put our body under pressure, our systems on overload, and we are human remember, we don’t have super powers, and our immune system can be one area that get’s hit and dented along the way. I’ve made this recording because it’s a great reminder of how a regular yoga practice promotes overall general health and wellbeing. Yoga is unlike any other practice in this respect in that it’s very holistic – it connects to every part and every layer of wonderful wonderful you. This includes amongst umpteen other health perks, boosting your immune system. One of the major ways in which your yoga practice makes this magic happen is through reducing stress, specifically your endocrine system. Your immune system can take a real hit in times of stress, strain, high emotion, maybe when you’re over-doing things a little. You’ll probably be able to look back and reflect on when you last experienced a cough/cold/felt run down – and more often than not those times are synonymous with stressful situations/phases. It’s great that we now have many studies and research which support that a regular practice can help to reduce stress and therefore strengthen your bodily functions and systems. This recording (see link below to take you directly to it on the shop)  focuses on some of the key poses and breathing practices which connect directly to the desired goal of boosting your immune system. See you on the mat. Much love, Adele x

Immune boosting practice

Follow this link to take you to your immune boosting yoga recording. Love, Adele x Click Here
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