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It's time for Yin… a quiet, reflective inward practice

It’s time for Yin… a quiet, reflective inward practice
Welcome to this post, which tees up a beautiful inward practice of Yin. Life is so very very busy isn’t it? Always seems be busy, more and more to be done. I don’t know about you but I often crave peace, quiet, time to go inward instead of being pulled in every which way externally. This is where a Yin practice can come in and save the day! Give your time this 1 hour of precious time, to go inward, go within . press your internal reset button, or just let some of the ‘stuff’ that builds up resonate, settle and find space. Hone in what you need and don’t need, the Yin practice give you time and space for this to happen. – Prepare for your practice by bringing your yoga blocks (or books), blanket, cushions. – Lessen your distractions. – Maybe light a candle. – luxuriate in your practice – The hard work is done, roll out the mat and enjoy. Below is a link which takes you directly to this practice.  With love, Adele x

Yin to go within

An inward journey for a busy mind. Click the link below to take you directly to the practice in the shop. With love, Adele x Click Here
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