Halifax Yoga classes at St Judes Church & Dean Clough

Online yoga on Zoom, we're still weekly and rocking the online scene!

Online yoga on Zoom, we’re still weekly and rocking the online scene!
Doing our yoga practice together live through Zoom has been a godsend for so many of us! Thank goodness for technology enabling this, and it’s been an absolute joy for me to develop my online offering along the way. kept me on my toes that’s for sure!  I’m super aware of the reasons many of you love online yoga: – it’s easy as it’s right there in your home, no need to drive anywhere, no need to park, no need to leave work early to get your practice in, it’s just easy being at home. – no childcare requirements! You’re finally able to get all the home ducks in order, to ensure you have time for you, yayyy! – you can REALLY switch off from others in a class, there’s no peeping at someone else down dog, there’s not as many distractions around you allowing you to focus in more on you. you can make noises, sounds, wear your favourite fluffy pink pyjamas none of it matters as you’re in the privacy of your own lovely home ahhhh – talking of which… Savasana! You can stay in your dreamy Savasana as long as you like and are able to. There’s no bell at the end of the class, no need to get back in the car and drive home – you’re able to roll over and curl up in bed for sleep should you wish – and there are no boundaries or limits to us practicing together anymore, you could be in Halifax, London or America and we are all able to connect across the ether – how ace is that!? I’m sure there’s many more reasons for loving online yoga, feel free to add some comments below on why it works for you. I’d love to hear from you. Here’s a reminder of the selection of Yoga we now have : – ONLINE HATHA YOGA every Wednesday 8-9pm on Zoom (replaces previous schedule) – ONLINE YIN YOGA every 2nd Sunday 8-9pm on Zoom  – ONLINE DEEP DIVES at key times throughout the year and on Zoom  – IN-PERSON HATHA YOGA every Monday and Thursday 7-8pm at Halifax venues – IN-PERSON PREGNANCY YOGA every Monday in Halifax – OUTDOOR YOGA ad hoc and when it’s dry! This website now has a huge online offering. As well as the weekly and fortnightly live Yoga on Zoom, we have within the ‘SHOP’ on this site umpteen recordings, which are regularly refreshed each week. Here’s a reminder on our new online schedule:                                            From Wednesday 14th July we have… Wednesdays: Hatha Yoga on Zoom Booking is essential, and it’s done via the booking system on this site. You’ll receive a confirmation, and your Zoom link. This will no longer be sent out to you direct from me on the day of the class, it’ll be given to you upon booking. You can of course check your booking details, cancel and reschedule via the account section (top right area of the site). Fortnightly Sunday night: Yin on Zoom Booking is essential, and it’s done via the booking system on this site as above. You’ll notice these sessions only appear fortnightly on the system as it’s a fortnightly class and not to be missed.  See you on the mat/screen soon, Adele xx
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